Dutch company AEC Maritime offers the greenest scrubbing technology available. Do you want to know how? Watch the video or read more on this page.


Over the years AEC Maritime has managed to make scrubbing simple. Our scrubber is easy to operate, maintenance free, can be fitted into every vessel and is applicable to all types of engines.

Complexity is simple, simplicity is hard
AEC Maritime explicit promise is ‘scrubbing made simple’. It is one of the primary reasons why our customers choose our scrubbers. AEC’s scrubbing technology is highly sophisticated, the result of many years perfecting it to make it as clean and simple as it is today. We offer an all-in- one solution that cools gasses and removes sulphur and particulates at the same time. Most scrubbers are complex, not ours. In the open tower structure there are no moving parts, no filters, no change of a polluted packed bed. Consequently there is a low backpressure. This means low maintenance. Our system is also easy to operate and can be taught during a 4 hour training.

Interested in saving up to 50% in fuel costs (compared to MGO) in Emission Control Areas (ECA)? Scrubber specialist, AEC Maritime, offers SOx scrubbers which make it possible to operate on HFO fuel instead of expensive low Sulphur oil (LSFO) or MGO. And that’s not all.

Simplicity is cost effective

Apart from being able to continue using inexpensive HFO while complying to IMO regulations like all scrubbers do, AEC Maritime offers some specific cost-saving advantages. Most importantly, our scrubbers require a mere 0,5% of engine power, which makes it up to three times more cost efficient than competitors. Other advantages of the simplicity of the AEC Maritime system are low maintenance and training costs. Moreover because of its simplicity, installation time and cost at the shipyard are limited.

AEC Maritime specializes in SOx scrubbers for ships. Our certified and patented clean air system has re-defined scrubbing technology. Started on land 20 years ago,we now have the simplest and most cost-effective scrubbing system for the shipping industry which meets all emission requirements.

Started on land, evolved at sea
AEC started out reducing emissions on land and has produced over 2,300 land based scrubbers over the past 2 decades. During this period the innovative technology was optimized and perfected. Five Six years ago AEC transferred this onshore technology to the sea with the help of industry-renowned partners, such as the VDL Group. At sea the patented technology is proving to be equally successful and has received certification and approval from a.o. Lloyd’s Register. At this moment there are numerous vessels operating with open loop, closed loop and hybrid scrubbers designed by AEC Maritime.

Some facts & figures about AEC Maritime and our scrubbers.

99% reduction of sulphur emissions
  • Removes almost all particulates
  • 50% reduction fuel cost compared to MGO
  • Investment could be earned back in 2 years, depending on the yearly burnt fuel.

  • Lowest CO2 footprint
  • Uses merely 0,5% of the engine power
  • 4 hours training needed to operate the system

  • More than 15 maritime scrubbers in operation
100% happy customers
  • Patented design
- Approved and certified by Lloyd’s Register
  • Nominated for the Maritime Innovation Award

AEC Maritime can provide an all-inclusive turnkey solution: tailored designs, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and start-up of scrubbers, and after-sales service. We do all this with the help and support of DAMEN who represents our SOx scrubbers exclusively for the retrofit market worldwide.

Worldwide solutions
Together with DAMEN we can offer worldwide, comprehensive and cost effective one-stop- shop retrofit solutions. Either as a single turnkey project or as a step by step process – whichever best fits your operation and schedule. Installation of our SOx scrubber system can be done at one of the DAMEN shipyards conveniently located worldwide. DAMEN can also install or supervise at a location of your choice or even during operation. Download the brochure