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Damen Green Solutions introduces new Modular Approach for retrofitting scrubbers

June 2017

Cuts time spent in dock from weeks to days

Damen Green Solutions (DGS) in partnership with Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) and AEC Maritime is trialling a new technique for retrofitting scrubbers. Designated the Modular Approach, this new process is designed to cut the time that a vessel typically needs to spend in dock from two or more weeks to just a few days. This dramatic reduction in downtime, in combination with a more cost-efficient, certified scrubber, will be welcomed by ship owners and operators. The first installation of this type is already underway for the RoRo cargo vessel Stena Scotia.

The key to achieving this sharp fall in downtime for the vessel is maximising the amount of preparatory and manufacturing work that can be completed before the vessel arrives in the dock. This happens in two parallel processes. In one of these, the scrubbers and their supporting systems are fitted into two prefabricated modules while still in the workshop. The first module contains the scrubber plus all the necessary piping and electronics. The second houses all the auxiliary equipment including the pumps, heat exchanger and separators. These can then be tested and optimised in advance of the actual installation.

At the same time, preparatory works are undertaken on board the vessel at times agreed with the ship that do not interfere with its scheduled operations. In the case of the Stena Scotia, the preparations on board, including steelwork and pipe-fitting, will take place over a number of weekends during routine overnight stopovers.

The result of the prefabrication process plus preparation works means that when the ship does finally arrive at a Damen yard, the technical team can focus on the final stage of the retrofit process; attaching and linking up the two, fully operational modules to a ship that is ready and prepared to receive them. This last stage represents the third module of the operation.

Damen Green Solutions, the arm of the Damen Shipyards Group responsible for developing and implementing low-emissions and environmentally-friendly solutions, has oversight of the entire process including commissioning and training. It does this in close coordination with Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) and, in the case of Stena Scotia, Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam.

“With the need to access the vessel during its regular operations to undertake the preparations, it is vital to work very closely with the owner and crew to make the hours available as productive as possible,” says project manager Stef Loffeld. “Fortunately, DSC’s Harbour & Voyage teams are expert at working efficiently and unobtrusively when a ship is still in an operational mode. We also cooperate closely in the engineering phase with AEC, the suppliers of the scrubbing systems, to optimise the installation of the various components for maximum efficiency and operability. The result is a fast and effective installation with minimum downtime.”

Marcel Karsijns, Director of Damen Green Solutions, commented: “The combination of AEC’s simple yet effective scrubbers and Damen’s innovative installation approach significantly reduces up-front costs and reduces the payback period of the investment. We expect this solution to receive strong support in the market.”

Jurriën de Vries, sales director of AEC Maritime, concluded; “The close co-operation between Damen and AEC has resulted in this new modular approach for retrofitting SOx scrubbers. This is yet another example of the AEC philosophy; ‘SOx scrubbing made simple’.”

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May 2017

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Damen and AEC Maritime join forces for scrubber solutions

August 2016

Sales Agreement furthers ‘one-stop-shop’ retrofit philosophy

Damen Shipyards Group has signed a Sales Agreement with scrubber producer AEC Maritime. Damen will now be able to offer ship owners exclusive access to efficient, low maintenance and IMO-certified exhaust gas scrubber technologies.

With the inclusion of scrubber expertise to its existing knowledge of Ballast Water Treatment Systems, Damen has added an important facet to its strategy of providing ship owners with a total solution regarding the latest IMO requirements.

Flexible scrubber

AEC Maritime is a business that draws upon substantial experience and cooperation with sister company AEC Systems whose air cleaning products for various land-based industries have been developed in close cooperation with the VDL-Group. With more than 20 years’ experience, AEC Systems has installed more than 2,600 land-based scrubber systems.

In diversifying to maritime scrubber systems four years ago, AEC Maritime used the same key ideas that had proved so successful in these land-based products. “Our scrubber systems focus on three strong principles,” informs AEC Maritime Chief Technical Officer Marcel Clephas. “To make scrubber installation simple, to optimise the price of the product with the cost of installation, and, finally, to deliver reliable and low maintenance systems.”

AEC’s scrubbers also afford ship owners a great deal of flexibility. They can be installed on all types of engine and they allow vessels to run on traditional Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) instead of the more expensive Marine Gas Oil (MGO).

In terms of efficiency, the company’s scrubbers remove more than 98% of sulphur from exhaust gases; thus exceeding IMO requirements. The systems also comply with MARPOL Annex VI (MEPC 58 and 59).

To date, numerous AEC Maritime scrubber systems have not only been installed, but are currently in effective operation for various clients in the shipping industry.

The market is now

While AEC Maritime’s scrubbers have met with success in the shipping industry, a limiting factor for the company was that it lacked a maritime background. “We knew that ship owners will always need to go to a yard for a retrofit,” continues Mr Clephas. “But we discovered that clients want turnkey solutions – that include all aspects of the retrofit – to be carried out under one roof.”

AEC Maritime’s response was to look for a suitable maritime partner capable of offering that scope. “We are happy to have found that partner in Damen. This is an important time for the scrubber sector: in fact, the market is now.”

An important combination

Talking about the advantages of the Sales Agreement to ship owners, Damen Director Green Solutions Marcel Karsijns comments: “This will allow all activities – on-board visits, 3D-scanning, Engineering, Piping, Project Management and Installation – to be executed under one roof. It will really unburden the client.” The Agreement also details AEC’s involvement in after sales service and maintenance contracts.

“AEC Maritime’s products are fabricated with excellent materials – and they have a proven track record with numerous clients. Furthermore, their scrubbers are IMO-certified.

“Combined with Damen Shiprepair & Conversion’s wealth of experience with retrofit activities – executed not only at competitive costs but with short lead times – this recognised product further strengthens Damen’s ‘one-stop-shop’ philosophy for clients looking for comprehensive solutions.”

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August 2016
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